Autel Alpha

The Autel Alpha is a versatile industrial drone with advanced features. It excels in autonomous flight, anti-interference, obstacle avoidance, and video transmission.

Product Highlights

Superior Anti-interference
High-precision Visual Navigation
A-Mesh Network
56x Dual Thermal Camera
4K 35x Optical Zoom
IP55 Rating
Hot-swappable Battery
Wire-Level Obstacle Avoidance and Pathfinding
20 Kilometers Video Transmission Range
Flexible Payload Expansion

Exceptional Anti-Interference Capability

Autel Alpha’s high-precision visual positioning capabilities, adaptive frequency-hopping and SLAM navigation technology empowers resistance from interference and enables the drone to fly confidently near powerlines, critical structures and in complex areas.

A-Mesh Networking

With integrated A-Mesh networking technology, all drones and controllers establish a private network, supporting various working modes such as “single-controller multiple drones” and “master-slave dual control”. Even in scenarios with long distances and obstacles, such as mountains, buildings, or areas without public network, the drones can achieve multi-device networking, enabling drone-to-drone autonomous communication, connection, and collaboration.

Autonomous Flight

Autel’s Autonomy Engine is continuously improving, enabling functions such as global path planning and 3D scene reconstruction in complex environments. It ofers various obstacle avoidance capabilities, including return-to-home, manual contro, and mision planning, providing a more professional solution for industries such as security, inspection, and surveying.

No Blind Spots, Ultimate Obstacle Avoidance

By integrating multi-source sensor fusion technology, including 5-direction dual fisheye vision + 6-direction millimeter-wave radar, the drone is equipped with wire-level obstacle avoidance and pathfinding capabilities. It can detect minor obstacles like glass, poles, and powerlines. Additionally, it supports nighttime obstacle avoidance for flight safety.


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Public Safety

Respond effectively with aerial insights. Collect important data in real time. Direct aid where it’s needed most.


Drone-powered routine inspections and safety monitoring improve efficiency without halting operations or compromising personnel safety.


Advancements in software technology facilitate the integration of drone footage to create more precise maps and designs for future construction sites.

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