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Public Safety

Respond quickly with aerial insights to effectively direct aid where it’s needed most.

When alerted to a disaster, inquiries arise urgently. Drones are revolutionizing how first responders acquire, handle, and decipher data. Deliver solutions, detect survivors, protect ground teams, and guide responses to mitigate risk while safeguarding human lives.

Enhance your public safety operations with heightened awareness, efficiency, and safety.

Real-Time Intelligence

Swiftly respond to urgent missions with quickly deployable drones, detecting hazards and gathering real-time data to enhance decision-making and ensure team safety.

Scalable Deployment

Drones offer cost-effective aerial surveillance compared to helicopters. Deploy multiple UAVs for versatile monitoring, enhancing efficiency and simplicity for your team.

Reduced Risk

Detect hidden fires with aerial imagery and thermal solutions, ensuring safety and efficiency for your team. Reduce the time, cost, and risk associated with on-foot operations.

Fire Fighting

Firefighters are embracing cutting-edge aerial tools, from multi-gas detectors to high-resolution thermal and visual cameras, facilitating swift and informed responses to dynamic emergency scenarios. Utilize thermal cameras to navigate buildings and smoke-obscured areas, aiding in target prioritization. Stream live video intelligence to command centers for team coordination, leveraging high-resolution cameras to remotely monitor threats and document damage for future analysis.

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement agencies are embracing adaptable aerial solutions to assist in incident response, rapid mapping, and scouting, ensuring maximum safety for officers and bystanders. Furnish incident commanders with precise, real-time insight during unfolding missions, enabling confident decision-making. Swiftly and remotely map, document, and secure crime scenes, vehicle collisions, and other scenarios, while safeguarding operators from harm.

Search and Rescue

First responders rely on DJI’s aerial solutions for search and rescue missions. Deployed on land or sea, drones efficiently scan vast areas and locate individuals in distress using high-resolution digital and thermal sensors.

Related Platforms

Elevate public safety with drones. Leverage their agility, accessibility, and real-time capabilities for tasks like surveillance, search and rescue, and disaster response, enhancing situational awareness and saving lives.


Industry leaders across various sectors are harnessing the power of drones to revolutionize their operations. Here’s a glimpse into how drones are being put to work in different industries.

California Emergency Services Association

The California Emergency Services Association (CESA) is a nonprofit, professional organization with a purpose is to promote mutual support and cooperation while planning, training, responding and recovering from all hazard events among government, private sector, non-governmental organizations, and the public.

Commercial UAV Expo

September 3 @ 8:00 am - September 5 @ 5:00 pm

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