IF800 Tomcat

American-made and NDAA-reliable, the IF800 Tomcat Commercial Drone from Inspired Flight is a medium-lift autonomous UAS that’s ready to take on a host of industrial and professional applications. Pair it with the gimbal of your choice to have the Tomcat assist in photogrammetry, surveying, search and rescue, inspections, and more.

Efficiency Meets Versatility

The IF800 by Inspired Flight boasts a lightweight, compact, and foldable frame, facilitating convenient transportation and setup in different settings. Its advanced features cater to a range of enterprise applications, from high-resolution aerial photogrammetry to surveying, search and rescue, and infrastructure inspection.

IF800 Tomcat

With an impressive flight time of 40 minutes and a payload capacity of 1.5 kg (3 kg max payload), the medium-lift IF800 Tomcat maximizes operational efficiency and productivity.

  • 40 min. flight time with 1.5 kg payload
  • 3 kg max payload weight
  • 51 mph top speed
  • Dual hot-swappable smart batteries with easy slide installation
  • 30-degree upward-angle shooting
  • FPV camera
  • Blue UAS-approved drone
  • NDAA compliant
Discover IF800 Tomcat’s Cutting-Edge Capabilities

The IF800 Tomcat features dual hot-swappable smart batteries for continuous flight operations, with easy slide installation for minimal downtime during swaps. Its advanced features enhance performance and functionality. With a 30-degree upward-angle shooting capability, users can capture unique perspectives, expanding aerial mission possibilities. Additionally, it includes an FPV (First-Person View) camera for real-time visual feedback.


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Survey and Mapping

Discover how drones are reshaping the survey and mapping industries, offering unparalleled efficiency, safety, and accuracy in data collection.


Streamline data sampling with timely drone-based collection methods; optimizing crop management and effective disease control.


Drone-powered routine inspections and safety monitoring improve efficiency without halting operations or compromising personnel safety.

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