For professions and organizations that need speed, longevity, and power, the IF1200A Commercial Hexacopter Heavy-Lift Drone from Inspired Flight checks all of the boxes in a more compact frame than similar UAS solutions. The IF1200A can fly up to 56 mph, for up to 43 min., carry loads up to 19.1 lb, and resist winds up to 23 knots.

Extended Flight Time. Seamless Experience.

The IF1200A is a heavy-lift commercial UAV boasting an 85% increase in standard flight time. Featuring a universal payload interface, it addresses complex, high-value commercial applications with ease, providing a user-friendly experience. As a Blue sUAS certified drone manufacturer adhering to NDAA standards, Inspired Flight designed the IF1200A for use by government agencies, agriculture, inspections, and various other industries.


The IF1200A was designed for the toughest and most demanding applications, like utility inspections, LiDAR mapping, aerial photogrammetry, emergency response, and much more.

As Inspired Flight’s heaviest-lift aircraft, it can support various payload configurations to complete any job with maximum flight time and efficiency.

  • Ultra Portable
  • Universal Payload Interface
  • USA Made
  • NDAA-Compliant


Discover the evolution of industrial operations with drones. Learn about their practical applications within your specific industry.

Survey and Mapping

Discover how drones are reshaping the survey and mapping industries, offering unparalleled efficiency, safety, and accuracy in data collection.

Public Safety

Respond effectively with aerial insights. Collect important data in real time. Direct aid where it’s needed most.


Drone-powered routine inspections and safety monitoring improve efficiency without halting operations or compromising personnel safety.

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