Drones in Construction – The Ultimate Tool In A Contractors Arsenal.

Data collected by drones is exceptionally accurate, enabling precise applications and averting errors stemming from inferior data quality, thus increasing efficiency. Advancements in software technology facilitate the integration of drone footage to create more precise maps and designs for future construction sites.

How Are Drones Changing The Construction Industry?

Project Management

Project managers are using drones on-site to eliminate daily travel for progress checks. Drones conduct autonomous surveys and gather real-time data, promoting efficient decision-making and team alignment.

Job Site Surveying

Accurately survey complex job sites and streamline tasks by automating measurements. Eliminate the need for manual processes and quickly produce points, 3D models, and surfaces.

Site Progression

Drones deliver professional grade photos and videos of your site. Share amazingly produced progressions over short or long periods of time. In addition, users are able to track and manage assets and inventory.

Site Analysis

Drone surveying revolutionizes construction site analysis, offering rapid and frequent updates for up-to-date data. This ensures ongoing project progress monitoring across multiple teams without delays associated with traditional methods. With faster, more accurate, and cost-effective drone surveying, construction companies like Haskell Construction can maintain project momentum and coordination among subcontractors, transforming surveying expectations in the industry.

Planning and Design

Combining drone surveying with software like Terra allows teams to utilize 3D site imaging for comparing designs to completed work. Beyond simple comparisons, these tools also aid in planning major project elements, ensuring alignment with expectations before work commences. Construction companies can leverage these 3D models for virtual walkthroughs, progress tracking, hazard identification, and resolving contractor disputes.

Asset Inventory

Drones’ surveying abilities extend to monitoring smaller, specialized assets for construction firms. They facilitate inventory assessments with greater precision and efficiency, thereby cutting down on time and costs. This approach notably reduces the risks associated with inventory tasks that traditionally involve workers navigating challenging or inaccessible areas, which drones can access effortlessly.

Project Reporting

Comprehensive project documentation is crucial for effective collaboration among stakeholders in construction projects, preventing disjointed efforts. Software solutions like Terra offer accessible 3D models and collaboration tools, aiding subcontractors in understanding project scope and their contributions. With mobile and remote accessibility, teams can access up-to-date information across locations to facilitate informed decision-making and project advancement.

Related Platforms

Drone solutions help manage every step of the construction process to moniter progress, reduce risks, and keep personnel safe.


Industry leaders across various sectors are harnessing the power of drones to revolutionize their operations. Here’s a glimpse into how drones are being put to work in different industries.

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